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Creativity through Isolation

In 1959 Isaac Asimov wrote a brief letter to a group of scientists that laid out his view of the ideal environment for fostering creativity (http://www.technologyreview.com/view/531911/isaac-asimov-mulls-how-do-people-get-new-ideas/). Although it was written over 55 years ago, the concepts are as true as when he penned them. They do however, run counter to conventional wisdom.

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R for Business Analytics

Business intelligence and analytics is more important now than ever.  Competitive advantage goes to the companies (and individuals) who can harness data and gleam intelligence.
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Compound Average Growth Rate Compound Average Growth Rate

One of the most widely used references for measuring growth, the Compounded Average Growth Rate (CAGR) is frequently misunderstood and often miscalculated. In this article, we will provide a straight-forward explanation of how to properly calculate CAGR using both Excel and a financial calculator and how to interpret the results.

The Fallacy of Scale in a Professional Services Firm

We often hear business leaders extol the virtues of growing, either organically or inorganically, to ‘achieve scale’. In this article, we take aim directly at the assertion that scale can lead to a sustainable competitive advantage in a professional services firm.

Spirit Airlines – The Economics of its Baggage Policy

Recently, I had the opportunity to fly Spirit Airlines, a discount airline that primarily services North America, the Caribbean, Latin and South America. What was
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Daily Correlation Matrix for 25 Commission Free ETFs Daily Correlation Matrix for 25 Commission Free ETFs

First post in a series that will explore the covariance and correlation among the 100 commission free ETFs offered by TD Ameritrade. The correlation matrix below was created in R.

52 Week Return for SPY 52 Week Return for SPY

The past year has been a good year for the SP500.  The SPY ETF returned 18.3% over the past 52 weeks.  The chart below illustrates
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